Hey! Robin here.

So in episode 27 of Sun & Moon we saw the appearance of Lillie’s brother, Gladion. In the games he’s the Team Skull enforcer who uses a Type: Null. People were upset that he didn’t have Type: Null in the anime already. He only had Umbreon and Lycanroc but some images from a Japanese magazine suggests that he might have had Type: Null already. In the magazine you see all the main character with their signature Pokémon and then you see Gladion with Umbreon, Lycanroc and Type: Null. Here are the images.


I’m not sure how official this magazine is but why is Type: Null next to Gladion? Does this mean we’ll see Type: Null in the anime soon? Does this also mean Gladion is gonna make a second appearance soon? So far, none of the episode titles suggest that.

I am for sure curious about this and I am hoping we’ll see Type: Null soon. What do you think of this? Let me know in the comments!