Hey hey! Toxic Jellowshipper here or well, Robin.

This is just an introdution blogpost to tell ya’ll what my blog will be about.

It will be about Pokémon. Just Pokémon. I noticed on my previous blog that my Pokémon blog posts were the only blog posts that people actually read and commented on. No one cared who my favorite Marvel character was but people did care that I don’t think it makes sense that Mewtwo got two Mega evolutions while Mew got none. My Pokémon blogposts got like 50 reads and 20 comments in like two weeks but my ‘favorite TV show’ posts got 5 reads and 0 comments in 3 months. So yea, it’s just a Pokémon blog.

Everytime a new game comes out I’ll review it, I’ll review every new episode and movie, I’ll review TCG sets, etc. I’ll also do like a ‘character of the week/month’ where I put an other character from the anime in the spotlight and talk about that certain character, etc.

Kinda excited about it. Hope you’ll enjoy my blog 🙂