My first review! Hope you enjoy it.

Synopsis: Ash & co. have decided to go camping in the nearby forest. However, soon after they get there, they find themselves collapsing and sleeping a lot earlier than they expected. It turns out that a mysterious Pokémon, the Pokémon Morelull. Ash is intrigued and tries to befriend this Pokémon. Will he succeed?

So in this episode Ash and his friends thought it was a great idea to go camping. It starts with Ash and Sophocles setting up the tent while Mallow and Lillie are cooking. Suddenly Lana tells them a story about how people in that forest sometimes become super skinny and have hungry when they wake up. None on really believes the story.

When everyone is basically doing their own thing, Sophocles is on his phone, Ash and Kiawe are training, Lillie is enjoying the view of the water, Mallow is collecting berry’s and Lana is playing in the water, then suddenly weird stuff happens. Everyone wakes up being super skinny and having a lot of hunger, except Lillie. They’re wondering what happened. Rotom blames Lillie but ofcourse her girlfriend (Mallow) protects Lillie right away. Ofcourse Lillie doesn’t have anything to do with it. Then they realize it’s a Morelull who’s draining their energy. Ash tries to befriend it and eats a lot so Morelull can keep draining his energy. Then they find out Morelull wanted energy to protect a certain tree. They go to the tree and see a lot of other Morelulls who all start evolving to Shiinotic and the tree is saved. Ash and Shiinotic have an E.T. moment and that’s basically the episode.

Personally, I really enjoyed this episode. I love them bonding together and with their Pokémon, Ash is just being Ash and cares about a wild Pokémon that isn’t even his. It gets a 8/10 from me. I want more episodes like this.

I also really liked how we saw the bag that Lillie has in the games, the bag that Nebby escaped from the whole time. References like this are what makes this series even better to be honest.

I’m already looking forward to the next episode!