So yesterday I made a blogpost about some official artwork that showed Gladion with Type: Null. Missed that? Well, here it is again.


This image basically means he either has Type: Null already or he will get Type: Null soon. Personally, I think he had Type: Null already, even when he met Ash. And that’s what I’m gonna talk about. Ofcourse, this is all just speculation.

But Toxic Jellowshipper, why do you think he has Type: Null already?

If they follow the game storyline we know for sure he has Type: Null already. He stole Type: Null from the Aether Foundation and challenged trainers to become stronger. Which is why he accepted Ash his challenge.

But Toxic Jellowshipper, why didn’t he use Type: Null against Ash?

That’s easy to answer. He most likely only uses Type: Null in emergency’s or when he thinks his opponent is really strong. Ash still has to proof himself. Their battle even got interrupted.

But Toxic JellowShipper, then why is he gonna use him?

Well, I feel like next battle Ash is gonna win but then Gladion will be like ‘let’s do a second round’ and then use Type: Null. He’ll see Ash as a worthy opponent so he’ll use his strongest Pokémon against Ash.

Do you actually know that this doesn’t make any sense at all? They could have at least show Type: Null you dumbfuck.

Now now, no need to be rude… Why so rude? They just wanted to let us wait cause they like doing that (otherwise Ash would have done another trial by now). No need to worry.

Ok, whatever you say. I’m leaving.

Ok, don’t forget to close the do..

*Leaves without closing the door*

Damnit. Oh well, I’m gonna end this post here. What do you think? Does Gladion have Type: Null already? Or will we see him getting Type: Null?